©2014 Manor Farm Riding Centre
©2014 Manor Farm Riding Centre

At Manor Farm Riding Centre we provide lessons from experienced and knowledgeable instructors providing enjoyable, progressive and interesting lessons for all abilities and ages.

If you have any particular requests, such as a family lesson with your children or a team building lesson with work colleagues, then call us to discuss your needs as we can accommodate most requirements.


Beginner Half Hour Group Lessons

For new or nervous riders, both children from four years old and adults alike, we offer half an hour lessons initially on the lead rein but progressing to independent riding off the lead rein.
These lessons are aimed at teaching the rider basic riding skills, combined with games to develop the bond between horse and rider and encourage team work, develop balance, co-ordination and confidence.

As these lessons are only half an hour long they are perfect for young children, disabled riders and those new to riding.

Group Lessons

Our most popular riding lessons are the hour long group lessons we run at Manor Farm. These are for older children and adults that have progressed from the half hour beginner lessons.
We hold novice lessons for riders that are learning the basics of riding and progressing to trotting independently and with confidence.
For the more experienced rider that is confident in trot, starting to canter and wanting to learn new skills such as jumping we offer advanced novice lessons.
Once riders are able to canter comfortably and can jump to a basic level we build on to intermediate lessons that develop advanced skills such as lateral work, advanced jumping such as courses and double jumps and perfecting a riders technique.
At Manor Farm we always aim to develop individual goals within the group so that riders progress both individually and collectively.

Private Riding Lessons

Private lessons are ideal for those wishing to build upon their riding skills, to progress towards a personal goal or to build confidence. We can provide this development on a one-to-one basis, at a pace and level to suit the rider individually.

Semi-Private Riding Lessons

Semi-private lessons are for two or more riders that wish to have tuition together.
They can be tailored to riders with varying abilities, so are perfect if you want to introduce your non-horsy partner or friend to riding, for friends at the same skill level that wish to progress together or for a family that want to enjoy a riding experience together.