©2014 Manor Farm Riding Centre
©2014 Manor Farm Riding Centre

Manor Farm Riding Centre’s charming location offers direct access to bridleways that stretch for miles crossing Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

We are able to offer both on and off road hacking or a combination of the two, necessary on some longer routes, to provide enjoyable and interesting hacking for all abilities and ages.


For those wishing to build upon their riding skills, to progress towards a particular goal or overcome a lack of confidence; private hacks can provide this on a one-to-one basis.
Whether you simply want to enjoy the countryside with the company of an escort or you wish to develop a specific skill such as road safety or confidence when riding in the open, a private hack is perfect for you.

Semi-Private Hacks

We also offer semi-private hacks for two or more riders that wish to have a hack in a small personal group.
These can be tailored to riders with varying abilities by providing a mounted lead rein escort for those new to riding, so are perfect if you want to introduce your non-horsey partner or friend to trekking, for friends who just want to share a ride on their own or for a family to enjoy a relaxing afternoon together.

Group Hacks

Our most popular rides are our one hour group hacks which are held regularly at weekends for both novice and intermediate riders.
Group hacks are great for enjoying the stunning local landscape from horseback whilst enjoying the group atmosphere and sharing the experience with others.
We run regular hacks for novice riders able to walk and trot either on or off a lead rein and for intermediate riders competent in walk, trot and canter.
If you are a new rider or have not ridden with us in the past three months then you will only be able to go on a walk and trot hack, on or off a lead rein. To be allowed to canter on a hack you must either have a private or semi-private hack that incorporates an assessment lesson or alternatively have a private or semi-private lesson.

Two and Three Hour Rides

We regularly run extended rides for riders wishing to extend their usual one hour hack or for customers seeking an exciting and fun afternoon out.
For novice riders we run a two hour walk and trot hack that incorporates minimal road work but plenty of stunning countryside to enjoy.
We can accommodate inexperienced riders or children on the lead rein and so are perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

For more experienced riders we offer two and three hour intermediate hacks able to offer a varied riding experience that takes in both road work and off road trekking at a walk, trot,canter and gallops (for suitably experienced riders only).
Customers on the intermediate rides must be able to walk,trot and canter independently and be of a good level, with experience in hacking.