Frequently Asked Questions

©2014 Manor Farm Riding Centre
©2014 Manor Farm Riding Centre

1. What do I need to wear for my ride?

Riders are required to wear strong boots with a heel, shoes with laces or trainers are unsuitable. Jodhpurs, breeches, leggings, loose sports trousers are all suitable; tight trousers, jeans, shorts and skirts are unsuitable and uncomfortable. T-shirts and jumpers are fine dependent upon the weather, remembering to dress warmly or with waterproofs if necessary, any coats must be done up securely. Gloves, ideally with grips, are recommended. Please remember to leave any valuables at home as we are unable to accept responsibility for any items left in our care.

2. I don’t have a riding hat?
Approved riding hats are available at a cost of £1 per ride.

3. Do I need to bring anything to my first ride?
Before your first ride you will be required to fill in a registration form with your contact details, emergency details and doctor details so be sure to bring this information.

4. What time do I need to arrive?
To ensure that rides commence on time please arrive ten minutes prior to your start time to allow for preparation and mounting. Please adhere to this booking condition to ensure the smooth running of rides and out of respect for your fellow riders.

5. Can I ride my favorite horse?
Whilst we try to accommodate riders wishes to ride a particular horse you will be paired with the most suitable horse for your ability, the type of ride and the needs of other riders and horses. We try to encourage regular riders, where possible, to ride a range of horses in order to experience and develop different skills required for different horses. We reserve the right to substitute horses and instructors if required.

6. What if the weather is bad on the day of my ride?
Come rain or shine we always strive to operate, we will only cancel rides if the weather conditions are dangerous at the centre. In this instance, we will endeavour to contact you as early as possible on the morning of your ride to re-arrange to an alternative date.

7. I am unable to attend my ride what do I do?
If you are unable to attend your ride then please contact us at the earliest opportunity via phone only. We do operate a 24 hour cancellation policy so any cancellations made within this time period are payable in full within 7 days from the cancelled ride.

8. I am going to be late for my lesson what do I do?
If you are going to be late then contact us at the earliest opportunity via phone only. If we are able to start your ride later or move you to a later time we will try to accommodate this as best as we can. If you are part of a group ride we will hold the ride for a maximum of ten minutes after it was due to begin, any later than this and we will treat it in the same manner as a 24 hour cancellation(see question 7.).

9. My friend would like to join me on my ride?
If you are booked for a group ride and would like to bring somebody then contact us via phone only and we will do our best to accommodate them if possible, taking into account their experience, ability and the horses we have available. If you would like to have a ride with just yourself and your friend then a semi-private ride is perfect for you.

10. Is horse riding dangerous?
We operate a strict health and safety policy both on the yard and on rides however accidents can always happen as with any sport. Horses and events outside of our control can be unpredictable. We ask that all customers fully read, understand and abide by our rules posted outside reception to help in minimizing any risk.

11. Can I stay and help around the stables when I have finished riding?
Due to health and safety and insurance policies we are unable to accommodate volunteers unless by prior arrangement. We hold regular events throughout the year to teach customers, keen to learn and participate in, horse care and knowledge. This enables us to offer dedicated and specific teaching and guidance within a teaching rather than a working environment.

12. Do you have a minimum age limit?
We are unable to take any riders under the age of four years old due to health and safety and insurance policies.

13. Do you have a maximum weight limit?
We have a maximum weight limit of 14 stone, and we have several horses suitable for adults of different weights. Each horse has their own individual weight limit to ensure the welfare of our horses.

14. I haven’t ridden before but want to go on a hack, is this possible?
If you are a new rider or have not ridden with us in the past three months then you will only be able to go on a walk and trot hack on a lead rein. To be allowed to canter on a hack you must either have a private or semi-private hack that incorporates an assessment lesson for 20 minutes or alternatively have a private or semi-private lesson.